As a world leading gaming brand, MSI’s goal is to become the most trusted name in gaming and e-sport. We’ve dedicated countless hours and committed numerous resources to the eSports community to support the world’s most aspiring and best gamers and use their knowledge and expertise in our products in return. The insistence on 100% in-house design and manufacturing gives MSI the solid capability to implement innovative ideas and optimized design in our products.

Dedicated to customer-driven innovation, MSI leverages its remarkable R&D strengths to craft top-notch, well-acclaimed motherboards, graphics cards, notebook PCs and All-in-One PCs. The Overclocking Series is designed for enthusiasts who pursue extreme performance and go after world records. Aimed at fulfilling the needs and expectations toward professional gaming, the MSI GAMING Series receives gamers’ unanimous acclaim. Incorporating Military Class components, the Classic Series has an excellent reputation for quality and durability. All these distinctive products have made MSI a forerunner in the middle-range and high-end market. Also adding to the lineup are cloud servers, tailor-made IPCs, intelligent panoramic camera (Panocam), robotic appliances and human-centric vehicle electronics that further demonstrate MSI’s strengths and endeavors in consumer, commercial and IOT(Internet of Things) markets.

But only technology doesn’t make a gaming brand. With our spirit of Top Player – Top choice, MSI has sponsored more than 15 professional gaming teams worldwide. For these professionals as well as the tens of millions of gamers that watch professional eSports online or through live events such as DreamHack and PAX MSI has become a familiar face. Through our own gaming tournaments, MSI MGA (Masters Gaming Arena), we’ve created numerous opportunities for amateur and professional gamers to prove their worth in online and offline events including a grand prize tournament.


All gamers will enjoy breathtaking gaming experiences and be armed with dominant weapons that pave their way to victory.


MSI GAMING is committed to providing gamers with innovative gaming rigs and an open community to share collective gaming wisdom.


The MSI GAMING Shield’s red, black and silver design signifies the resonance of gamers’ passion and enthusiasm(red), innovative technology(black) and continuous profit (silver). Accentuated by the dragon, the shield is a symbol of power and constitutes the MSI GAMING Identity System.


As a global GAMING and eSports pioneer, MSI kicked off its development of exclusive eSports and GAMING products in 2005. After numerous attempts, frustration and indomitable efforts, MSI’s R&D staff finally launched the world’s first ever TDE technology equipped GX600 GAMING notebook that fulfilled gaming’s extra-high demands on dissipation, durability and performance while establishing a milestone in the gaming industry.

The MSI GX600 built in features that were quite revolutionary back then. Its cooling system incorporated innovative thermal modules and highly efficient pure copper heat pipes, making it durable for long gaming sessions. Equipped with the world’s first TDE (Turbo Drive Engine) technology and a proprietary TURBO overclocking button, the MSI GX600 could instantly have a 20% performance boost to run the most complex 3D games effortlessly, all with a simple press and no more complicated settings. Most amazingly, weighing 2.8 Kg, the MSI GX600 outshined the bulky 15.4”, 3 Kg laptops on the market and was unanimously recommended by professional gamers and global media.