MSI recommends Windows 10

MSI VR One, World’s lightest VR backpack PC. MSI unveils a breathtaking VR One powered by high-end Intel® Core i7 processor and NVIDIA® extreme level GTX 1070 graphics card. Unlike traditional VR devices, MSI VR One gets rid of the restraint from fixed VR platform. Users get to move around and enjoy VR with big movements and total immersion without worrying about accidently unplugging the wires between the VR device and the platform. MSI VR One renders greater mobility and freedom for VR gaming.

A revolutionary concept needs a radical design. With the Vortex we pushed the limits of power in a system with minimal footprint, leading to an unique approach to the cooling design. [:::][:::]žžžž[:::]Vortex_series[:::]float: right[:::]

As the leading gaming hardware brand, MSI is excited to launch a new generation of gaming desktop PC’s: the MSI Nightblade X2 and MI2. The Nightblade series embody what every gamer craves for: victory. The MSI Nightblade PCs stand out – or better said; do not stand out – because of their size. [:::][:::][:::]Aegis_feature[:::]margin:15%;[:::]

You expect nothing but the best in speed, sound and performance when upgrading your gaming rig. The MSI GAMING motherboards are designed by gamers, for gamers. Better yet, the MSI Z170 GAMING motherboards are custom made for any gamer, whether you are an avid MOBA player or hardcore FPS player, these motherboards ensure the best performance and give you a competitive edge on the battlefield.[:::][:::]žžžž[:::]mb_z170a-gaming-series[:::]float: right[:::]

The MSI GAMING SLI bridge forms the perfect link for your ultimate MSI GAMING SLI setup. Optimized for 4K+ resolutions and 144Hz+ refresh rates, the MSI GAMING SLI bridge is ready for next generation gaming![:::][:::]žžžž[:::]vga_sli_bridge[:::]float: right[:::]

The MSI® X99 GODLIKE GAMING motherboard is designed to provide gamers with best-in-class features and technology. To cool, protect and highlight these features, heavy plated armor is used. Stunning looks, backed by the MSI Dragon, the X99A GODLIKE GAMING motherboard is an engineering masterpiece tailored to gaming perfection.[:::][:::]žžžž[:::]mb_x99a-godlike[:::]float: right[:::]

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